Wall of Fame

With their blood, sweat, and tears, these players have their names  forever etched in Apex history.

Recent Alumni

Words from our alumni who’ve gone on to the next level of volleyball! Here, our alumni will give their thoughts
about volleyball, Apex, and some words to pass on to the next generation.

Kristen Young

Capilano University  2022 – Present

Why Apex?
I’m so grateful to be part of the Apex community because of its inclusion and opportunities. I’ve met some of my closest friends through Apex and created loads of memories at        each tournament. 

Why volleyball?
Volleyball has this amazing, positive environment. With a group of athletes to play with, it makes everything more fun. Not only are you putting in that hard work for yourself but you’re contributing to your team and your goals!

“Start strengthening your ankles and knees.”

Owen Lam

Douglas College 2021 – Present

Why Apex?
Apex was a super friendly environment with coaches who are always willing to help out. My coaches always pushed me to become better. 

Why volleyball?
Volleyball is an amazing team sport with an awesome community, my favourite thing about volleyball is competing in tournaments, the time spent with my teammates and the unforgettable memories made during travel tournaments.

“Strive to become better and never give up.”

Medalists 🥇

Teams that have gone above and beyond, and brought home some jewelry!

Apex 16u boys 2022 provincial medalist

2022 Apex ACEl 16U Boys
Provincial Champions

Head Coach: Andy Chung
Assistant Coaches: James Fong, Steven Trinh, Andrew Kim

Players: Alex Borowski, Kyle Tsuji, Zachary Kobus, Davis Macdonald, Ryder Mah, Jordan Tran, Connor Philips, Dante Di Marino, Zac Rodger-Senft, Aidan Lum, Nathan Hui, Lucas Koo, Rafael Williams, Quentin Middleton

2018 Apex Impact 14U Girls
Div 2 Provincial Champions

Head Coach: Mark Soto
Assistant Coaches: Irene Cheng, Sakae Tanaka, Kenny Woo, (Megan Lu)

Players: Samantha Au, Madison Chai, Binta Jalloh, Isabella Lopez, Hayley Lu, Neha Sahdra, Ria Sahdra, Regan Smith, Isabella Unnsteinsdottir, Leah Woo, Neko Woollard, Victoria Wu

Apex logo

2018 Apex Ignite 15U Boys
Provincial Silver Medalists

Head Coach: Michael Tran
Assistant Coaches: Keana Li, Kevin Liu, Brandon Chin

Players: Jonathan Bui, Brendan Chan, Alexander Franke, Nicholas Lam*, Owen Lam*, Cardin Le, Ricky Phuong, Jared Smith, Melvin Teo, Nicolas Valiakos, Von Vargas, Edward Zheng.

2017 Apex Xplosion 16U Girls
Div 2 Tier 2 National Gold Medalists

Head Coach: Kim Or
Assistant Coaches: Byron Fok, Selena Tam,

Players: Malina Mujdeii, Alana Leung, Fiona Chen, Carina Bi, Lily Xu, Stephanie Sung, Elyse Wong, Bojana Kos, Sara Tam, Christina Lu, Maddy Richardson

Apex Boys provincials

2016 Apex KLG Elite 18U Boys
Provincial Bronze Medalists

Head Coach: Ken Li
Assistant Coaches: Alex Pappas, Stephen Ng, Markiel Simpson

Players: John Colobong, Cameron Fay, Brian Fu, Jackson Goodman, James Huynh, Jonathan Lee, Dennis Li, Coltyn Liu*, Tom Sun, Mattias Wels-Lopez, Jerry Yan*, Justin Yee, Brandon Yu, Zarley Zalusky.

Apex logo

2016 Apex 16U Boys
Provincial Silver Medalists

Head Coach: Kelvin Ma Assistant Coach: Casey Cham

Players: AJ Balbuena, Nicholas Bui, Tommy Dinh*, Ty Driessen van der Lieck, Rajan Gill, Max Haronga*, Jeremy Lew, Kyle Monaghan, Jojo Passave, Thomas Rosas, Jenson Yuen.