Apex Club Policy & Waiver 2023


 The goals of the club team are as follows:

1. To provide competitive volleyball experiences for athletes that would not otherwise occur at the high school level (experiences include athlete video analysis and instruction, and playing experience with knowledgeable models including varsity athletes).

2. To develop and train the abilities of the athletes to establish higher standards of excellence and skill execution in the sport of volleyball.

3. To provide fun and rewarding experiences which will allow the athletes to grow substantially as volleyball players and as valuable citizens in the community.


  1. It is expected of the athletes to attend all practices, games, tournaments and team related events (i.e. fundraising activities) to the best of their abilities as requested by club organizers. Please be aware that there will be club related events that will occur out of town (i.e. Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley, Okanagan, Calgary, Seattle) in accordance to the Volleyball BC youth club schedule. Attendance at such club related events are highly recommended.
  2. The athletes must provide for themselves the financial requirements requested by the club coaches to cover for the cost of uniforms, tournaments, registration, and equipment. Please note the club organizers will pursue all means possible in an attempt to limit the cost of play for each athlete to the best of their abilities (i.e. fundraising activities, provide and allocate gym and practice locations, provide equipment).
  3. The athletes are asked to respect the club coaches, club organizers, teammates, and all participants of the club volleyball league including officials, tournament organizers, and opposing athletes from other teams with the utmost sincerity.
  4. The athletes are requested to arrive at all club functions punctually and in full athletic strip.
  5. Athletes are not allowed to consume any illegal substances including and not limited to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, or to participate in illegal or dangerous actions when participating in club related activities. In the event that such an infraction occurs, the athlete(s) in question will be removed immediately from the team with no refund provided.
  6. Athletes are not able to participate with any other club teams from Volleyball BC while being registered under the Apex Volleyball Club, unless otherwise consented by the head coach and club coordinators. Infractions will result in expulsion from the team and club with no refund.
  7. If for any reason an athlete is no longer able to participate for the club during the course of the season, including and not limited to personal reasons or injury, the athlete will not be refunded athletic expenses in accordance to the Athletic Agreement section under the Parental Consent and Athlete Waiver Form.

(Please note: amendments will be made concerning refunds due to injury on a case by case basis at the discretion of the coach and club coordinators in consultation with the athlete and his/her parent(s)/legal guardians)


All athletes are required to pay their team’s club fee at the beginning of the season to cover athletic functions for the duration of their youth club season. The money will be allocated appropriately and with utmost efficiency to club related expenses including and not limited to uniforms, tournament fees, registration with Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada, coaching development, equipment, and site rental fees.


If there are any questions concerning club finances, the use of club finances, the extent of club finances or any other financial issues related to and pertaining to the club, please feel free to contact the coach or club organizers to voice your concerns. A summary of financial accounts/activities pertaining to the club will be provided if requested at the end of the season. Club officials are accountable to their athletes for accurate bookkeeping.

Please remember that the club will be participating in out-of-town tournaments. Therefore, the club fee DOES NOT cover the expenses of transportation, food, and hotel. As a result, any additional expenses to the athletes during such club related activities would have to be covered by the athletes themselves. Club organizers will attempt to minimize the cost to the athletes as much as possible to the best of their abilities.

The club will work diligently at looking into ways to reduce the cost of athletic participation. Some possible areas of funding may include:

  • fundraising activities i.e. car washes, chocolate, cookies, pie sales, movie ticket sales, etc.
  • request assistance from local service groups and local businesses and organizations
  • for particular individuals with significant financial difficulties, contact SportBC regarding KidSport funding

If money is a concern for the athlete and financial assistance is required, please contact the coach and/or club organizers immediately so that steps may possibly be taken to reduce the financial burden club participation may cause and perhaps ensure that athletic participation will not be limited due to financial concerns.


The coach and club organizers will do their best to reduce the chance of injury, damage, or loss by taking steps to identify, measure, and control risks.

These steps are as follows:

  • the head coach and organizers of the club are certified or in-training coaches in accordance with NCCP
  • first aid equipment and supplies will be provided and available at all club related functions
  • registration will be available to club organizers and parents
  •  the club ensures that the athletes are supervised at all times during events, practices, and until the end of scheduled events
  • the club will keep up to date medical information on hand during time with athletes
  • parents/legal guardians will be immediately contacted and informed following an incident
  • staff and team representatives will ensure, to a reasonable standard of care, that the practice facility is a safe environment for the athletes and coaches.
  • the coach and club organizers will do their best to ensure that the club athletes do not participate in inappropriate activities which may result in bodily harm. Please keep in mind that the athlete is responsible for bringing to the attention of the coach any condition the athlete may have which will affect his/her participation that cannot be assessed by physical appearances alone

Volleyball BC carries liability insurance for all of its membership with affiliated registered club organizations. Liability insurance coverage is $5,000,000 inclusive limit, bodily injury and property damage. Full members are covered under the Sport Accident Insurance. Rates are posed at their website (www.volleyballbc.org). All club athletes will be full members of Volleyball BC and therefore will be covered under the Sport Accident Insurance.

Please note that the Apex Volleyball Club is not associated in any way with the schools and/or facilities in which practices are held, its teachers, faculty, or staff. Please do not contact the school, its administrators, or staff with questions or concerns involving the club volleyball program. Questions and/or concerns as it pertains to the Apex Volleyball Club team may be directed to the club executive, coaches, or to the athletes themselves. The contact information for the club executive can be found on our website.

Club Policy Waiver